Dionex Retention Time Standards for Ion Chromatography

Dionex Retention Time Standards for Ion Chromatography


How do they work?

Predefined components with assigned retention times are interpreted as peak area ratios. The peak area ratio for a component is its peak area percentage relative to the largest peak in the retention time standard. For example, if the largest peak has an area of 0.09, and peak 5 has an area of 0.045, then the ratio of peak 5 to the reference (largest) peak is 50%. Peak area ratios allow dynamic determination of expected component retention times. Even with a shift in retention time, Chromeleon software automatically recognizes and correctly assigns components based on these peak area ratios.

When a sequence is run, the retention time standard is included in the run and the injection is identified as a retention time standard. When the sequence data is processed, Chromeleon verifies that the retention time standard is valid based on predefined criteria. For each injection in a sequence that is assigned an RTS processing method, Chromeleon searches for the first valid retention time standard with the same assigned processing method. This is designated as the reference retention time standard for the injection. The retention times of the identified components from the reference retention time standard are then used as the expected retention times to identify components in unknown injections that reference this retention time standard.

Increase Your Productivity

    Dynamic determination of expected retention times based on peak area ratios.
    Easy and convenient IC standard preparation.
    Reduce standard preparation time.
    Reduce time-consuming standard validation.
    Reduce time required to compensate for factors like variations in run conditions.
    Easy access to default method templates that contain predefined component names and peak ratios using Chromeleon 7.2 SR3 or later.

Guarantee the Reliability of Your Analyses

    Reduce standard preparation errors.
    Increase accuracy of quantifications.
    Improve day-to-day reproducibility.

The Quality You Expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Uses only high-purity, reagent-grade chemicals and water (18MΩ-cm), quality-control checked for ionic contamination.
    All standards are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable.
    A Certificate of Analysis is provided with every standard.

Unconditional Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. All Thermo Scientific Dionex standards carry a 90-day warranty.

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