LentiArray Human Apoptosis CRISPR Library

LentiArray Human Apoptosis CRISPR Library


The award-winning Invitrogen LentiArray Human Apoptosis Library targets 904 genes with up to 4 gRNA per gene target (pooled in a single well) for a total of 3,616 gRNAs. Libraries are delivered as 200 μL of ready to use lentiviral particles per gene target with an average titer of 1x108 TU/mL (functional titer determined by antibiotic resistance) and are also available as glycerol stocks.

Apoptosis is a tightly regulated process that is essential for maintaining homeostasis in multicellular organisms. Inhibition of apoptosis can result in the development of cancer, autoimmune, and inflammatory disease and is involved in viral infection. Conversely, over-activation of apoptosis can lead to atrophy, tissue damage, and neurodegenerative disease. The gene targets within this library were selected using the most up-to-date genome databases, including the NCBI RefSeq database, and cross-referenced to the Gene Ontology Consortium (GO) database and/or the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC).

Built to bring you success

LentiArray CRISPR libraries are constructed using gRNA designs produced using Thermo Fisher Scientific’s proprietary CRISPR gRNA design algorithm. This algorithm incorporates the latest gRNA design research, as well as our extensive in-house experience, to produce the highest quality designs. The gRNA designs included in the LentiArray CRISPR libraries are selected for maximal editing efficiency and specificity and are designed to knock out all known isoforms of the target gene. For each gene target, up to four high-quality gRNAs are included to help ensure highly efficient knockout of the target gene in a wide array of cell types.

Design and execute your experiments without limitations
LentiArray CRISPR libraries are designed and constructed to give you complete control over your experimental design. They utilize a two-vector design, expressing the Cas9 nuclease and the gRNA off of separate lentiviral constructs, enabling you to dictate when and how the genome editing tools are delivered to your cells.

The LentiArray Cas9 lentivirus construct expresses a human, codon-optimized Cas9 nuclease with a blasticidin-resistance gene under the control of the EF-1α (EFS) promoter. You can choose to co-infect your cells with both the LentiArray gRNA lentiviruses and the Cas9 lentivirus or just the LentiArray Cas9 lentivirus to establish a stable Cas9 expressing cell line. With LentiArray CRISPR libraries you have the freedom to design the experimental approach that best suits your model system and your screening goals.

Furthermore, to minimize restrictions to your experimental design, the gRNA lentiviruses that make up the LentiArray CRISPR libraries do not contain fluorescent markers. This allows reporters of any wavelength to be used with the libraries and expands your ability to perform multiplexed experiments. For challenging cell lines, the LentiArray gRNA lentiviruses contain a puromycin resistance gene that allows enrichment of the population of edited cells and drives stronger phenotypes.


Delivery Method:
Product Line:
Product Size:
1 library
Shipping Condition:
Dry Ice

Contents & storage

  • 1 library set, 200 µL/target.
  • Store at -68 to -85°C.

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