Live Cell Imaging Solution

Live Cell Imaging Solution


The Live Cell Imaging Solution from Molecular Probes is a physiological medium developed for live cell imaging applications that has universal utility in cell-based research—for live cell imaging, dye loading, and wash steps. It is an optically clear, physiological solution buffered with HEPES at pH 7.4 that keeps cells healthy for up to 4 hours at ambient atmosphere and temperature. Compared to standard media, Live Cell Imaging Solution provides better clarity, signal-to-noise ratio, and cell viability.

Outstanding Features of Live Cell Imaging Solution: 

• Physiological and chemical optimization—providing the ideal solution for live cell fluorescence imaging applications
• Optical clarity—affording more efficient imaging and minimal background
• Extended buffering capacity compared to media—for improved cell viability

Obtain Great Results with a Medium Designed to Meet the Demands of Live Cell Imaging
Live cell imaging can be challenging. Not only must staining be optimized for the particular assay readout, spectral compatibility, and signal-to-noise level, but live cell imaging of dynamic processes and cell physiology requires live observation over time. The choice of medium is particularly important for time-lapse imaging and experiments where cells are exposed to ambient conditions for longer periods. For reliable results, it is essential that cells be healthy and maintained as closely as possible to physiological temperature, pH, oxygen tension, and other conditions. If cells appear unhealthy they should not be used for imaging. Live Cell Imaging Solution has been developed specifically for live cell imaging applications; as a result, it provides image clarity (Fig 1), signal-to-noise ratio (Fig 2), and cell viability that are significantly enhanced compared to standard media. In addition to live cell imaging, the physiological composition of the Live Cell Imaging Solution makes it ideal for other cell-based applications, such as wash steps and dye loading.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


Green Features:
Sustainable packaging
Product Line:
Molecular Probes
Product Size:
500 mL
Reagent Type:
Physiological Imaging Buffer
Shipping Condition:
Room Temperature

Contents & storage

  • Store at ≤25 °C

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