UltraVision Quanto Detection System HRP

UltraVision Quanto Detection System HRP

Product Overview

UltraVision Quanto is the technology of this decade in polymeric labeling. Polymer detection methods have been shown to provide increased sensitivity and detection simplicity. This innovative micropolymer technology has major advantages over conventional IHC systems as it allows the “detector” to readily penetrate to the nuclear membrane enabling the user to detect nuclear antigens without sacrificing the ability to stain cytoplasmic and membrane antigens. UltraVision Quanto amplifies the signal with both mouse and rabbit primary antibodies making it versatile and easy to use. Background noise due to nonspecific binding to endogenous biotin molecules is eliminated because UltraVision Quanto is not a biotin/avidin based system. The signal to noise ratio is further enhanced to detect low antigen expression or compensate for low primary antibody affinity by utilizing highly purified secondary antibodies and enzymes. The UltraVision Quanto ultimately provides the user with a rapid, easy to use, and versatile IHC detection system that offers superior staining of tissues traditionally thought difficult to visualize.
Enhanced sensitivity while minimizing background — Can be used with low expression and routine markers alike
Increased sensitivity for rabbit antibodies — more economical use of expensive rabbit monoclonal antibodies
Reduced cost per test — Quanto remains one of the most affordable systems available
Shorter incubation times — Faster turn around times
Specificity: anti-Mouse IgG (H+L), anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)

Enzyme: Peroxidase

Chromogen/Substrate: None provided

Includes: TL-060-HL: 60mL Primary Antibody Amplifier Quanto (TL-060-QPB), 60mL HRP Polymer Quanto (TL-060-QPH), 60mL Ultra V Block (TA-060-UB)

TL-125-HL: 125mL Primary Antibody Amplifier Quanto (TL-125-QPB), 125mL HRP Polymer Quanto (TL-125-QPH), 125mL Ultra V Block (TA-125-UB),


Chromagen: None provided
Enzyme: Peroxidase
Includes: 125mL Primary Antibody Amplifier Quanto (TL-125-QPB), 125mL HRP Polymer Quanto (TL-125-QPH), 125mL Ultra V Block (TA-125-UB)
Quantity: 125mL
Specificity: anti-Mouse IgG (H+L), anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)
Substrate: None provided
Storage Requirements: Store at 2° to 8°C. Each component is stable for up to 18 months.

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