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Anti seize compounds are a huge help in highly corrosive areas. Highly corrosive areas are where you will need to use anti seize compounds to make sure that there is no corrosion or to ensure corrosion does not take place quickly.
Anti seize compounds can also improve gasket performance as well as help with the removal process of a gasket. Anti seize lubricants can help to prevent thread galling during installations which can cause problems and incur additional costs.
It is important to know what anti-seize is. Straight out of the tube or bottle, anti-seize is made up of a high-quality grease base and lubricating solids (copper, graphite, aluminum, calcium oxide etc.), which are suspended in the grease. Unfortunately, getting the right anti-seize compound in the right quantity onto each fastener has always been a messy operation and one in which over application wastes product and under application can reduce its effectiveness.

Most anti-seize compounds originally contained copper and graphite or copper, aluminum, and graphite, which tended to work for most applications, in standard settings. These anti-seize compounds were well suited to high temperature applications since aluminum can withstand temperatures 1000°F, copper to 1800°F and graphite to over 2000°F. However, since copper and aluminum are reactive metals, they were ill suited for some applications exposed to substances like acetylene and ammonia. For extreme high temperature applications, or those where a non-reactive compound was needed, special anti-seize compounds such as nickel or molybdenum disulfide (Moly) were developed.

Our Anti Seize Compounds
Most of our anti seize compound products can be used for general purposes and SealXpert products for anti seize compounds also have wide range of features to suit your needs.

SealXpert’s wide range of products can be found from low strength to powerful high strength with low viscosity to high viscosity. From easy removal to perfect for metal bonding, good in lubricity and other features combined for the perfect anti seize compound products. Visit SEALXPERT MAINTENANCE to find the perfect product for your needs.
Copper Anti Seize - SealXpert
SealXpert® Copper Anti-Seize Compound (C1000)
  • Copper anti-seize pre-assembly compound for use in any temperature from sub-zero to 1100°C (2000°F).
  • Extremely high film strength and has been formulated and produced to provide protection against seizure, even in extreme service conditions.
  • Protection against rust, oxidation and other corrosion, especially with dissimilar metals.
  • Ensures rapid and easy assembly of threaded parts.
  • Reduces wear in areas of high friction

SealXpert® Moly 1000 Anti-Seize Compound (M1000)
Solid lubricant paste for bolted metal joints; contains no lead or nickel.
Can be used over a wide range of temperature (-30°C/-22°F to 650°C/1202°F)
Use on extreme pressure up to 8,928 kg/cm²
Good corrosion protection
Used successfully for cylinder head bolts, nozzle head screws of plastic injection Moulding machines, bolted joints in the chemical industry, and also for the tension rings of centrifuges.

SealXpert® Nickel Anti-Seize Compound (N1000)
Typically used in applications with an operating range of -54°C to 1,315°C.
Heavy-duty, high temperature, anti-seize lubricant that resists galling and corrosion and reduces wear in heavy pressure applications.
Containing pure nickel, aluminum and graphite in a non-melt base with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. It is resistant to acids and ammonia.
For use when copper cannot be present.
Use on threaded parts, bushings, gears, valve systems, chain sprockets, levers, hinges, pivots, rollers, heat exchanger or manifold bolts, or as a gasket release agent.
Recommended for use with stainless steel screws, flanges, nozzles, couplings and other metal fittings, or where high Nickel alloy materials such as stainless steel, or where Titanium or other hard metals are involved.
SealXpert is an ISO certified company offering a range of proven products for pipeline maintenance. SealXpert products eliminate or minimize the costs of plant and equipment downtime.

Other than anti seize compounds, we have a wide range of products that will save your time and money to prevent corrosion and saves your time and money such as: SealXpert Anaerobic Threadlocker, SealXpert Anaerobic Thread Sealant, SealXpert Anaerobic Flange Sealant, SealXpert Anaerobic Retaining Compound, SealXpert Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, SealXpert Molybdenum Lubricant Products, SealXpert Aerosol Products.

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